Loose part play method ?

What is the concept of Loose part play ?

What did children do with the loose part ?

What did they discover ? 

A study about the Loose parts and children.

Every children’s are gifted, gifted with creativity, curiosity and inventions. But by limiting the children experimental nature and free play and exploration, they are forced to follow the existing concepts  and they find the solutions with pre-set environment and restricting their freedom to express themself.

The term ” loose parts are first introduced to world bu Simon Nicholson after the publication of his article ” The theory of Loose parts: How not to cheat children” Nicholson believed that we are all creative and that “loose parts” in an environment will empower our creativity.

There are no rule or instruction manuals on how to play with loose parts.  They are the world of curiosity. What if ? How will ?

When children interact with loose parts, they enter a world of “what if” that promotes the type of thinking that leads to problem solving and theoretical reasoning. Loose parts enhance children’s ability to think imaginatively and see solutions, and they bring a sense of adventure and excitement to children’s play”. (Dale and Beloglovsky)

Loose parts are most basic kind of play that exist. Simply put the loose parts, let them play in their own way. Let the child be creative and what to do with the parts.

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